Bitcoin Faucet – 80 satoshi every 10 minutes!

Welcome to our bitcoin faucet page! Here you can earn bitcoins just by resolving captchas ! You can receive up to 80 satoshis every 10 minutes! The minimum withdraw amount that you need is 15000 satoshi. Share this page with your friends and get a 10% referral commission!

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What is a bitcoin faucet?

A bitcoin faucet is a web application with which a website owner offers a certain amount of free bitcoins to visitors. To win bitcoins, the visitor usually has to solve an easy game or a captcha. He must then provide his bitcoin deposit address on which the funds won will be deposited. The amounts that can be earned are satoshis. Satoshi is a fraction of bitcoins. After claiming satoshis, the user must wait for a predefined time interval in order to be able to claim again. The amounts that can be earned are determined by the faucet owner and can sometimes be changed depending on different factors, such as the market value of bitcoin. The filing system that manages the faucet that is on our website is FaucetSystem. It is a reliable and safe system. Participants must accumulate a minimum sum of satoshis before they can withdraw funds. This limit is currently 15000 satoshi.

IMPORTANT: We don't accept Tor users, proxy or VPN connections. Anyone trying to abuse of the faucet will be BANNED. Thank you!

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Ways to earn bitcoins and cryptocurrencies

There are obviously several other ways to easily win bitcoins. For example, you can play online games that earn you bitcoins. You can also make bets and play casino games. Some casinos will pay you in bitcoins. We talk more about these options on our dedicated page. In conclusion, there are also cryptocurrency trading markets that are used to buy and sell different cryptocurrencies. A bit like a fiat money market, you can invest in cryptocurrency and grow your assets! Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are constantly evolving. Their market value has been growing strongly in recent years. Therefore, you can make interesting profits! However, we advise you to learn about the markets before investing your money in them.

We hope you will have fun earning bitcoins with our faucet!

Momocoins Faucet

Balance : 11 satoshi

15 (70%), 25 (22%), 80 (8%) satoshi every 10 minutes.

Security concerns:
The following countries are blocked and not allowed to use our bitcoin faucet: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, China, Pakistan, Syria.

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