Fray Bentos apologises to weatherman who found cow’s tooth in beef and onion pie

Fray Bentos has been forced to apologise after a cow’s tooth was found in a Sheppey weatherman’s pie.

Adam Young, from the Isle of Sheppey, was left horrified after he tucked into his mince beef and onion pie and immediately felt a sharp object in his mouth.

The 36-year-old spat out the strange item after describing the texture as like crunching ‘into a stone’.

He instantly put the object on the plate and knew it was a tooth straight away – but worried it was one of his.

However, all his teeth were fortunately still intact, as Adam quickly searched the internet for suggestions on what the mysterious item could be.

He told KentOnline : “I looked on the internet and thought it might have come from a young cow. I certainly didn’t expect to find anything like that in my pie.”

Adam initially purchased his Fray Bentos pie in a nearby corner shop on July 6 and, after the grim discovery, he contacted the manufacture for an explanation.

The pie makers asked him to send the tooth so they could inspect the item – and send it for tests to see what it was.

But now after receiving an official letter from the Baxters Food Group, which Fray Bentos belongs to, he believes his initial discovery will now be taken seriously.

Adam admitted: “I know some people didn’t believe me when the story was first published.

“But when I got the confirmation letter yesterday morning explaining that it was a piece of cow’s tooth I knew I wasn’t exaggerating.”

He admitted he’s pleased the company has taken responsibility and admitted the tooth belong to a cow.

Adam said he wanted to raise awareness of the potential dangers of this situation – especially if a child ate the tooth and the outcome could have been a lot worse.

The letter addressed to Adam, which included £25 worth of Fray Bentos and Baxters Food Group vouchers, said: “Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

“The sample you returned was examined by our operational and technical teams upon receipt.

“It has been confirmed as being a piece of a cow’s tooth.

“All quality checks have been verified from the production without any issues and all samples taken from the production were found to be satisfactory on taste panel.

“Objects such as pieces of bone and teeth are natural material from meat manufacture that can occasionally make their way into finished product.

“To mitigate this, Baxters has invested in end of line inspection systems, however, due to the nature of the material, it is apparent that on this occasion the piece you found has managed to get through this screening process.

“Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced, we do hope that you will continue to remain a valued customer.”

Adam says having his worst fear confirmed made him feel “quite sick”.

“I don’t feel drawn back to Fray Bentos products after all this – I’ll stick to my salads.”

In April this year, the company had to recall Fray Bentos Just Chicken pies after it was reported they may have contained small pieces of plastic.

A spokesperson for Fray Bentos said: “Following a review by our operational and technical teams, we have written to Mr Young to confirm the foreign object as being a piece of cow’s tooth.

“We have offered our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused and a voucher as a gesture of goodwill.

”Natural material from meat manufacture can occasionally make its way into the finished product; however, we have invested in end of line inspection systems to mitigate this.

“We wish to reassure our customers that we take the utmost care to ensure that strict quality control procedures are in place and are adhered to throughout the manufacturing process of all our products.”