Bitcoin climbing above $8000 “A Meteoric Rise”

Meteoric Rise of Bitcoin
Bitcoin market value climbing
The meteoric rise of bitcoin continues. The most used cryptocurrency now exceeds $ 8,000 USD. Several market analysts were predicting a rise to $ 10,000, but now they are rethinking their target. Bitcoins are proving their strength in the market, after the recent drop below $ 6,000, thus eliminating weak hands from the market. Analists predict a steady rise of bitcoin up to 11500 dollars and even more. The purchase of bitcoin today is recommended. Will bitcoin continue to climb so fast to the highest peaks?

Meteoric Rise of Bitcoin. Get 10 USD Worth of Bitcoins

Google Adsense alternatives for generating revenue with bitcoin faucets

Many bitcoin faucet operators where forced to find Google Adsense Alternatives because their faucet page as been banned by Google. Adsense say that a faucet page violates their rules. So, if you want to generate revenue with your bitcoin faucet, we will suggest you alternatives right here in this post.

    Popads is really great if your main goal is to generate profit. Their ads consists of pop ups. Ad quality can be sometimes poor, but it can generate high revenue! - Adsense Alternatives

  2. A-ADS
    A-Ads is an anonymous advertising platform on which you can pay and get paid in bitcoins!
    Get paid by displaying A-Ads

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How to get free Bitcoins!

How to get free bitcoins
Yes! As the title of this post says, it’s possible to get free bitcoins. There is a number of ways to get you started and, as a result, will help you earn your first bitcoins! You can even use our tips to generate a steady income of bitcoin currency. Here is a list of things you can do to get coins for free.


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